The Fox News "Sean Hannity Show" broadcast live from California’s San Joaquin Valley on Thursday evening. Thousands of farmers, farm workers and others attended to show their concern over the water supply. This man-made drought has devastated thousands of acres of farmland.

The irony of the situation is pointed out by the California Farm Water Coalition. On the coalition’s Web site, photos show Chinese carrots being distributed to unemployed farm workers at food lines in California’s Central Valley where they once worked to produce food for the world.

Source: Fox News, YouTube and the California Farm Water Coalition

I watched the show live last Thursday night with my wife. She hadn’t had any previous exposure to the story and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Why would government entities and the courts knowingly allow people to suffer in order to save a minnow-like fish? This issue could back-fire on the Democrats. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (from nearby San Francisco) would best be advised to stay away from the central valley. At least Democratic congressman Jim Costa had the courage to show up, but got booed. President Obama appears to be turning a deaf ear to this. It doesn’t help agriculture’s case, however, when a central valley farm sells its water rights to a southern California water agency for $77 million, which could end up going toward urban development. Let’s hope that the water is turned back on for growing crops — Tom Quaife, editor