PRO-DAIRY’s 2010 Winter Dairy Management Workshop Tour will feature tools farms can use to optimize farm income by monitoring and managing milk quality, foot health and overall herd wellness. The tour will stop at 11 locations across New York between Jan. 11 and Jan. 29. 

At any milk price, no one likes to see dollars that could be held onto leaking away. Quality Milk Production Services’ new bulk tank surveillance program used in concert with proven milk quality assurance tools can help dairymen to maximize saleable outputs.  Dietary nutrients will produce more salable product when they are not being siphoned off to fight disease. Dairy managers will be rewarded by capturing the maximum quality premium and probably making a little more milk too. An opportunity to get your own surveillance data at a reduced rate will be included with the registration information.

A herd-level foot health assessment can help point you towards health and comfort issues that can often be improved with minimal investment. This new tool from the New York Cattle Health Assurance Program brings uniformity to the measuring technique.  Once learned it can be used to gauge foot health improvement made through changes to the many interwoven aspects of herd management that impact lameness in dairy cattle. Sound feet and legs are a key indicator for the animal welfare audit programs welling up in the countryside. Capturing more on-farm dollars is the primary reason to use foot health assessment to get to the bottom what is causing lameness in a herd. Having a “leg up” on any kind of welfare scoring is a bonus.

The workshops at most sites will run from 10:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., with lunch. A reduced-cost bulk tank mastitis pathogen panel is offered to registrants so they can have their own farm’s data to analyze. Details on that offer will be available from your local site manager.

Here’s a list of the workshop topics:

  • Money-on-the-Table: workshop focus, case farms and your farm’s data. 
  • Catching Pathogens at “Stage 0”. QMPS’ New Bulk Tank Surveillance Program.
  • Feet Talk. NYSCHAP Foot Health Assessment and Root Cause Diagnoses.
  • Proud of the job you are doing assuring the health and well-being of your herd? Tell the consumer how good your farm is doing with a whole herd animal welfare audit. 
  • Your farm’s surveillance data – questions, answer and discussion session with all of the presenters.

Date                Location         Contact

Jan. 11             Geneva            Collin McCarthy         (585) 394-3977 

Jan. 12             Batavia            Jerry Bertoldo             (585) 343-3040 

Jan. 13             Portageville    Joan Petzen                 (585) 786-2251 

Jan. 14             Randolph       Lisa Kempisty             (716) 664-9502 

Jan. 15             Bath                Kerri Bartlett               (607) 664-2300 

Jan. 18             Cortland          John Conway              (607) 547-2536 

Jan. 19             Richfield Spr. Dave Balbian              (518) 762-3909 

Jan. 20             Ballston Spa    Sandy Ferry                (518) 746-2560 

Jan. 21             Chazy (Miner) Emily Myers               (518) 353-4949 

Jan. 22             Carthage          Frans Vokey                (315) 376-5270 

                                                    Ron Kuck                    (315) 788-8450 

Jan. 29             Middletown    Larry Hulle                  (845) 344-1234