This Sunday, Aug. 16, beginning at 8 a.m. CST, Twitter users have a unique opportunity to show their support for the pork industry. With the help of the powerful Twitter social Web site, users can help the pork industry overcome some common public misperceptions.

The goal of the campaign is that the general media will take notice as the #oink effort is expected to generate thousands of tweets.

For those not familiar with Twitter, a tweet is a posting limited to 140 characters. Supporters of the campaign are requested to include the #oink “hashtag” in their tweets. Hashtags are used as a label to help people find topics they are interested in.

It is hoped that the #oink hashtag will become a leading Twitter topic starting Sunday and remain high in the ranks of topics on Twitter for several days or weeks.

Subjects for the tweets can include messages urging people, and the media, to use H1N1 instead of “swine flu” when referring to the illness. Other suggested messages could reference the fact that pork is a safe, wholesome and delicious food.

Here is an example of a tweet for the campaign:

Call it H1N1 Please. Calling it "Swine flu" is not cool. U.S. pork producers work hard every day to provide safe and wholesome food. #oink.

Go to and show your support for pork.

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