Editor's note: Below is a statement from Willet Dairy about the undercover video and national news coverage of their farm. The farm was part of an ABC News broadcast last week.

"Willet Dairy’s highest priorities are, and always have been, to provide a safe and quality product; and insure our animals receive the best care possible. We regularly review our practices to ensure that we continue to meet or exceed industry standards and applicable regulations. In light of recent events we have also requested a complete independent audit by NYS Department of Ag & Markets of all animal care protocols and practices to confirm compliance with NYS standards. Should any deficiencies be found, we will take corrective action.  

"As soon as Willet Dairy’s owners viewed the recently released video, we interviewed all of our employees. Those interviewed confirmed that our staff's behavior and commitment to animal welfare is exemplary. The employee responsible for the isolated incident of abuse was a maintenance worker, and not an employee who regularly worked with our cows. This employee has been strongly reprimanded, and his employment has been suspended.    

"We take responsibility for any animal care deficiencies depicted in the video at our farm. However, it is important to note that not all of the video was taken at our farm yet there has been no attempt to differentiate footage on the video. We are continuing our efforts to sort out the material and will offer a detailed response in the immediate future."