The University of Wisconsin-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course program will offer six courses — each a week or less in length — during the first half of January. The courses, which are held during the break between sessions of the regular 17-week FISC program, focus on various aspects of crop, livestock and farm business management.

The application deadline is Dec. 18.

The following courses are offered:

  • Livestock Marketing: Jan. 4-6. The course looks at methods of marketing both livestock commodity products and seed stock and the roles of producers, livestock markets, packers, retailers and food services.
  • Diagnosing and Monitoring Pest and Nutrient Status of Field Crops: Jan. 4-8. The course provides skills needed for monitoring corn, alfalfa, soybeans and wheat health problems, including crop staging, soil sampling, plant tissue sampling, nematode and insect sampling.
  • Dairy Comp 305: Jan. 5-7. The class introduces the total herd software program used in the dairy computer course.
  • Agribusiness Human Resource Management: Jan. 11-13. The class covers job descriptions, staffing patterns, supervision, performance evaluations, communicating with employees and government paperwork.
  • Pasture Management: Jan. 11-14. The course looks at pasture establishment and improvement, plant growth, layout, fencing, and water systems, animal behavior on pasture, animal nutrient needs vs. pasture growth and supplemental feeding.
  • Advanced Reproduction II: Jan. 13-15. Students will become proficient in artificial insemination, ovarian palpation, pregnancy detection and understanding of the estrus cycle, and see demonstrations embryo transfer and ultrasound-guided oocyte aspiration. Perquisite: Advanced Reproduction Management I or A.I. experience.

Source: University of Wisconsin