Meister Cheese, Muscoda, Wis., has launched a new dairy procurement program to recognize premium, high-quality milk produced using ethical and sustainable methods by Wisconsin dairy farms.

The program, Animal Friendly Family Farms, or “A Triple F”, is a partnership between Meister Cheese and Scenic Central Milk Producers, a dairy farmer cooperative based in Boscobel, Wis. The program is a protocol of ethical treatment of dairy animals to which dairy farmers must follow, and for which they will be audited. Meister Cheese plans to craft specialty cheese made from the “A Triple F” milk and market it through a differentiated retail program.

Dairy farmers participating in the “A Triple F” program must agree to a set of principles, including:

  • Cows must be housed in a clean, comfortable and spacious environment. 
  • Docking of tails is strictly prohibited, and any de-horning is performed before 10 weeks of age. 
  • All cows must be free of artificial hormones and antibiotics may only be used when an animal is sick. 
  • Cows must have access to an outdoor pasture or paddock to enjoy fresh air when weather permits. 
  • Fresh water must always be available, and feed is free of any animal-based by-products.

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Source:  Meister Cheese,