The Wisconsin Attorney General announced a settlement with Maple Ridge Dairy for manure-management violations from this past spring.

The Stratford, Wis.,-area dairy agreed to pay $22,750 in fines and fees for the Feb. 27 violation. In addition, the 1000-cow dairy will place $28,500 into an escrow account with the North Central Conservancy Trust. The Trust uses the money to purchase and maintain agricultural buffers to protect the Big Eau Pleine watershed.

The lawsuit, filed by the Department of Justice, alleged the dairy applied about 250,000 gallons of liquid manure to land that was not approved for manure application. Some of that liquid manure flowed into tributaries of the Big Eau Pleine reservoir and some became trapped in neighboring woodlands. In addition, the dairy did not report the spill to the Department of Natural Resources as required by its Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit.

As part of the agreement, Maple Ridge Dairy will implement measures to prevent a similar spill from happening again.

Marshfield News-Herald