The Farmers Health Cooperative of Wisconsin (FHCW) is growing at a faster rate than was originally expected.

When FHCW was created, the Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives’ (WFC) goal was to serve at least 1,000 farmers after one operating year. The new cooperative has surpassed that goal in less than three months.

Bill Oemichen, WFC president and CEO of the cooperative says that the need for FHCW is also illustrated by the fact that 12 percent of current FHCW members were previously uninsured. "The high number of FHCW members who were previously uninsured is a good indicator of the value offered through FHCW health insurance plans," says Oemichen.

Oemichen adds that the cooperative has exceeded $2.5 million in premiums and has members in 57 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. Co-op officials also say that enrollment in the health-care cooperative spans all age groups, all risk categories and includes individuals and families alike, with two-person and family contracts representing more than 65 percent of the enrollment to date.

For more information, contact the Farmers Health Cooperative of Wisconsin at: Or call (800) 539-9370.

Farmers Health Cooperative of Wisconsin