Today, Wisconsin farmers from several major state farm groups are serving empty plates to members of Wisconsin's assembly and senate to draw attention to the difference between animal "welfare" groups that work for humane treatment of animals — and animal "rights" groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) that want to end use and ownership of animals.

The farmers say the empty plates illustrate the damage to production agriculture when HSUS-supported policies are enacted.

This is a joint effort between the Dairy Business Association, the Wisconsin Pork Association, the Wisconsin Soybean Association and the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association. The farmers are meeting with lawmakers, to outline their concerns about HSUS and other animal-activist organizations, their activities and their potential impact on Wisconsin agriculture.

The farmers say that HSUS is an animal-rights organization that uses deception and lobbying to stigmatize meat-eaters and push their PETA-inspired agenda.

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Source: Wisconsin Corn Growers Association