Beef Cattle

By-Product Drop Value

NW_LS441 Des Moines, IA Wed, Oct 29, 2014 USDA Market News USDA BY-PRODUCT DROP VALUE (STEER) FOB CENTRAL U.S. The hide and offal value from a typical slaughter steer(1) for today was estimated at 16.38 per cwt live, up 0.06 when compared to Tuesday's value. FOB CENTRAL U.S. TODAY'S FULL STORY »

Tallow, Proteins & Hides Report

NW_LS442 Des Moines, IA Wed, Oct 29, 2014 USDA Market News USDA TALLOW, PROTEIN, AND HIDE REPORT - FOB CENTRAL U.S. Dollars/hundredweight (unless otherwise stated) as of 3:00 PM. TALLOW, GREASE, AND LARD Lds Price Range Wtd Avg INEDBL, TALW/GRSE FOB CENTRAL FULL STORY »

Boxed Beef - Afternoon

LM_XB403 Des Moines, IA Wed, Oct 29, 2014 USDA Market News NATIONAL DAILY BOXED BEEF CUTOUT AND BOXED BEEF CUTS - Negotiated Sales - Afternoon USDA ESTIMATED BOXED BEEF CUT-OUT VALUES - as of 1:30pm Based on negotiated prices and volume of boxed beef cuts FULL STORY »

Cutter Cow Cutout & Boxed Cow Beef Cuts - Afternoon

LM_XB405 Des Moines, IA Wed, Oct 29, 2014 USDA Market News NATIONAL 5-DAY ROLLING CUTTER COW CUTOUT AND BOXED COW BEEF CUTS USDA ESTIMATE CUTTER COW CARCASS CUT-OUT VALUE - Negotiated Sales - Afternoon Based on negotiated prices and volume of cow cuts delivered FULL STORY »

Apache Video Sales

KO_LS162 Oklahoma City, OK Wed Oct 29, 2014 Oklahoma City, OK USDA Apache Video Auction Feeder Cattle Weighted Average Report for 10/29/2014 Cattle Offered: 1812 Last Week: 1118 Cattle offered from Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Not enough comparable sales on current FULL STORY »

TX-OK Daily Direct Slaughter Cattle - Negotiated Purchases - Afternoon

LM_CT117 St Joseph, MO Wed Oct 29, 2014 USDA Market News Service TX/OK/NM DAILY DIRECT SLAUGHTER CATTLE - NEGOTIATED PURCHASES - Afternoon Trade so far today Domestic source only. Live sales based on net weights FOB the feedlot after a 3-4% shrink. Dressed sales based on hot carcass FULL STORY »

Clovis Auction NM

CV_LS150 Clovis, NM Wednesday, October 29, 2014 USDA-NM Dept of Ag Market News Clovis Livestock Auction Preliminary - Clovis, NM - Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Estimated Receipts: 3000 Week Ago: 2903 Last Year: 3876 Compared to last week: Feeder FULL STORY »

USDA Carlot Meat 4:00 Summary

NW_LS851 Des Moines, IA Wed Oct 29, 2014 USDA Market News USDA Carlot Meat 4:00 Summary, Compared to Previous Day Prices in dollars per hundredweight NATIONAL BOXED BEEF CUTOUT LM_XB403 Boxed beef cutout values firm to higher on moderate demand and light to moderate offerings. FULL STORY »

South Carolina Daily Farm Report

CO_LS146 Columbia, SC Wed October 29, 2014 USDA-SC Dept Ag Market News SC Farm Report on Wednesday Cattle at SC Auctions on Tuesday: Feeder cattle were mostly steady to 10.00 lower. Feeder Steers: Medium and Large 1-2 400-500 lbs 277.50-295.00; 500-600 lbs 232.50-260.00. FULL STORY »

Winter Livestock Auction - Dodge City KS

DC_LS150 Dodge City, KS Wed Oct 29, 2014 USDA-KS Dept of Ag Market News Winter Livestock Feeder Cattle Auction as of 3:00 PM Estimated Receipts: 2000 Compared with last week: not enough Medium and Large 1 steers or heifers for a test, limited sales steady. Slaughter cows and FULL STORY »

Canadian Live Animal Imports into U.S. by State of Entry

WA_LS635 Des Moines, IA Wed, Oct 29, 2014 USDA Livestock, Poultry & Grain Market News Canadian Live Animal Imports by State of Entry Data for week ending: 10/18/14 Cattle State Feeder Sltr Sltr Sltr Breeding Breeding Other Total FULL STORY »

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