The Globe and Mail reports a Chilliwack raw-milk dairy ordered to stop distributing raw milk for human consumption has rebranded its products as body lotion and massage cream.

The Fraser Health Authority secured a permanent injunction to stop the 22-cow dairy from distributing raw milk to its 450 members. Since the injunction, dairy operator Alice Jongerden labeled the milk as “Not For Human Consumption.” She was asked to be held in contempt of court and was found guilty, but not fined.

Michael Schmidt took over as manager of the dairy, Our Cows Inc., in September. He says selling raw milk products as cosmetics is not a way to get around the law. He says the new line is how the dairy accommodates its customers.

Early this year Fraser Health will inspect Our Cows Dairy. If inspectors determine the raw milk is distributed for human consumption it will face another contempt-of-court charge. Before the inspection occurs, Schmidt is trying to categorize the dairy as a cosmetics company which would instead be regulated by the federal Food and Drugs Act.

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