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Spot market stability spilled into dairy futures Monday

Spot market activity was really the highlight of the day yesterday as the cheese market has come to a bit of a standstill point. Both blocks and barrels closed unchanged. FULL STORY »

Barrel cheese erases Thursday’s losses on CME; back to $1.46

Market chatter continues to be that blocks are readily available, while barrels are in a bit tight, though we suspect that there is barrel cheese out there. FULL STORY »

Barrels slide to $1.4075, a 16-month low

Barrel cheese fell 5.25 cents on 7 trades Thursday to finish at $1.4075, the lowest settlement since Jan. 11, 2011. Blocks were left unchanged, pushing the spread out to 8 cents. FULL STORY »

Dairy prices rebound on revisions in weekly data

The Class III market jumped back to life yesterday, as traders rattled off 1,340 trades in a mostly negative session ― along with the now long-standing trend of higher volume yielding lower prices. FULL STORY »

Dairy complex quiet, Class III volume low

The bombs are falling on the outside markets. The equities are under assault. Food prices in general have been under sell side pressure. And amidst all the action, the dairy complex as a whole has quieted down. FULL STORY »

Block cheese closes unchanged at $1.4875

Class III futures opened the week very quietly with mixed prices early, and they held throughout the day into settlement. The spot market was opened and closed with no activity to speak of. FULL STORY »

Spot cheese could take a lower path in coming days

What started out strong last Monday left the Class III futures market to finish out a shortened, pre-Easter week with a third day of futures losses. FULL STORY »

Class III under pre-Easter pressure

Yesterday’s sharp (record) drop in weekly whey prices only serves as another log on the bearish fire in a market that is flooded with milk. FULL STORY »

Class III hits headwind as spot remained stable Tuesday

Class III prices traded mixed throughout the session yesterday as volume picked up to over 1,500 contracts. Early in the session, prices worked their way higher ahead of the spot market. The spot market ticked up ¼ cent on the barrel and the blocks were unchanged. FULL STORY »

Dairy futures markets mostly higher to kick off April

Class III opened firm, weakened into spot and leapt to large gains later in the day ― all on pathetically low volume with almost all trading volume contained to the front three months and, in fact, 74 percent of the volume was contained to the front two months alone. FULL STORY »

Class III finishes March on a strong note

Class III prices surged higher, aided by the bullish grain reports released early Friday morning. Contracts settled from unchanged to 39 cents higher on 1,584 total trades, with a majority of the volume and gains contained within the April to July months. FULL STORY »

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