Forecast milk production for 2010 and 2011 is little changed last month. Fat-basis imports for 2010 are lowered primarily due to lower imports of cheese but skim-solids imports are unchanged due to higher imports of expected imports of other products. Fat basis exports for 2010 are raised as sales of cheese and fluid milk and cream are strong and skim-solids exports are boosted by strong sales of cheese and nonfat dry milk (NDM). Exports for 2011 are forecast higher due to expected growth in butter and nonfat dry milk sales. Ending stocks for 2010 are raised to reflect higher-than expected stocks of cheese.

For 2010, cheese and whey prices are unchanged from last month. NDM prices are forecast higher but the butter price forecast is reduced reflecting recent sharp declines in butter prices. With no change in either the cheese or whey price, the Class III price forecast is unchanged. However, the Class IV price forecast is reduced, due to a lower butter price forecast which more than offsets a higher expected NDM price. For 2011, the range of the cheese price forecast narrowed but whey is forecast higher. The butter price is reduced as current price weakness spills into early 2011. NDM prices are forecast higher. The ranges of the Class III and Class IV price forecasts are narrowed from last month. The all milk price is forecast to average $16.25 to $16.35 per cwt for 2010 and $15.90 to $16.70 per cwt for 2011.

Source: WASDE/Livestock