November Milk Production Up 3.1 Percent

Milk production in the 23 major States during November totaled 14.4 billion pounds, up 3.1 percent from November 2009. October production, unrevised at 14.8 billion pounds, was up 3.3 percent from October 2009. FULL STORY »

Dairy Products Prices Highlights: Dry Milk Improves

Nonfat Dry Milk prices received for bag, tote, and tanker sales meeting USDA Extra Grade or United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Grade A standards averaged $1.21 per pound for the week ending December 11, 2010. FULL STORY »

Retail Dairy Prices: Milk Reaches New High For The Year With Nominal Gains

Retail milk prices improved by a little more than half a cent per fortified gallon in November, increasing to $3.327 per gallon. Milk increased for the second month in a row and remains above the 27-month average by 7 cents.

Retail Pork: Prices Drop Across The Board

Bacon prices fell $0.08 to $4.69 per pound after climbing for six consecutive months. Pork chop prices fell $0.01 to $3.29 per pound, which is $0.04 below this year's high and $0.07 above this year's average. Ham prices dropped $0.12 to $2.43 per pound, which is $0.06 above the 27-month average. FULL STORY »

Retail Diesel Prices Continue To Set Yearly Highs

U.S. retail diesel prices climbed $0.04 to $3.23 per gallon, which is a $0.05 increase from last month. In New England region prices improved by $0.06 to $3.37 per gallon. In California prices increased by $0.05 to $3.40 per gallon.

Milk & Cheese Prices Increase, Butter Declines From Last Week

Butter prices received for 25 kilogram and 68 pound boxes meeting United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grade AA standards averaged $1.69 per pound for the week ending December 4, 2010. FULL STORY »

U.S. Corn Prices Increase For The Fifth Straight Month

The average U.S. corn price increased $0.27 to $4.59 per bushel last month, setting a new high for the year. Tennessee reported the largest increase in price as corn improved by $0.44 to $5.10 per bushel. Iowa corn prices climbed $0.32 to $4.60 per bushel, a new 10 month high.

Beef Cattle Prices Continue To Increase Across The United States

The U.S. average beef cattle price increased last month by $1.00 to $94.10 per cwt. November's price is $1.60 per cwt. below the 27 month high. Arkansas beef cattle prices increased the most out of the all states in U.S..

Milk Prices By U.S. & State Increase Nationally & In Each State

November milk prices improve slightly, up $0.60 per cwt to $18.30. The increase lifts milk prices to a new high for the year and remains above the 27-month average. Milk prices have steadily increased for six months in a row, improving by $3.70 since May. FULL STORY »

Sow Prices By U.S. & State

U.S. sow prices dropped $6.40 to $42.70 per cwt, which is a 10-month low. This is the third straight month that prices have dropped. Kansas posted the largest loss as prices decreased by $7.00 to $42.50, which $9.11 lower than Kansas' yearly average.

Barrow & Gilt Prices By U.S. & State

The U.S. average barrow and gilt price dropped by $6.10 to $47.40 per cwt this month, which is the low for this year. This is the third consecutive month that prices have dropped. Iowa and Nebraska both saw the largest decline as prices fell by $7.00 to $48.00 and $48.10 respectively.

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