Starting on 1/11/11, MilkPEP will demonstrate the power of one - as in one more serving of milk a day - through its "Pour One More" sweepstakes and promotion for moms. The promotion, which will kick off next week in New York with the help of a surprise celebrity guest, will educate moms about the importance of adding one more serving of milk to their families' diets. Moms also will have a chance to win free milk for their families for a year.

To promote the campaign locally, processors are encouraged to participate in one of 19 local media events, where MilkPEP will be showcasing the power of one more serving of milk. Processors may provide milk samples and bring branded signage, mascots and premiums to promote their brands. During the events, families will be able to sample single servings of milk, take Milk Mustache photos and enjoy an appearance from a local celebrity.

To find out if MilkPEP will be hosting an event near you, or to sign up to participate, call 800-945-MILK. The promotion will run until February 9.

Visit for additional details about the "Pour One More" promotion and all the exciting ways processors can keep this campaign running year-round.