Poll: Should the U.S. debt ceiling be raised?

Should the U.S. debt ceiling be raised?

- Yes
- No
- Not sure
- What's the debt ceiling?

Number of votes: 192

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NY  |  July, 15, 2011 at 09:58 AM

Even if you don't believe the economists (I don't count the ones paid by the conservative media) or the politicians, the market tells us that the ceiling must be raised. Just the mention by Moody's that they might consider downgrading the U.S. bond rating sent the market into a tizzy this week. This should tell you how important it is to not have us default on our debts.

pa  |  July, 15, 2011 at 10:08 AM

voted no but would agree to raise debt ceiling only with extreme spending cuts - govt has got to learn to live w/in its means - sharpen the pencil and tighten the belts like we have had to do when milk is below cost of production. Raising debt ceiling without cleaning up govt waste and spending cuts moves us further toward economic disaster of greater proportion - we have got to pull our head out of the sand and confront the unbalanced budget with no more procrastination.

Virginia Coburn    
Whitewater, WI  |  July, 18, 2011 at 08:47 AM

Yes. Unless Congress and the Pres. can agree on something, we have to raise the debt ceiling. We cannot default. On the larger problem, the US is going broke for two reasons: war and corporate welfare. You can't always choose whether to go to war, but choosing to spend taxpayers' money to make the rich richer is very bad public policy.

Maryland  |  July, 23, 2011 at 02:55 PM

I live in and work for a state that is very dependant upon the federal gov. I only see a smidgen of the gov waste that goes on but it's enough to make me sick. This is really just a media blitz created so the politicians can sling mud at each other. If we were to actually stand up and say "Hey you work for us and you're not getting paid because we can't pay our bills" you'd see just how fast there is a solution everyone agrees on. That's the whole problem, they will get thier checks no matter what so they really don't care, and if they need more money they'll just vote for a raise. Everyone needs to remember, politicians work for us, we are the bosses and if we aren't happy, we need to get them out!!

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