MADISON – Clarabelle, the story of a bovine beauty written by Wisconsin dairy farmer Cris Peterson has been chosen as 2011’s Book of the Year by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation’s Ag in the Classroom program.

Clarabelle is a great pick for the Book of the Year honor, as it entertains and educates its readers about the cows that make up Wisconsin’s dairy industry,” said Darlene Arneson, Ag in the Classroom Coordinator.

Farm Bureau member volunteers utilize the Ag in the Classroom program to educate Wisconsin youth about where their food comes from and the importance of agriculture in their lives.

Cris Peterson, along with her husband Gary and son Ben, own and operate Four Cubs Farm near Grantsburg in Burnett County, where they milk 700 cows and farm nearly 1,500 acres of land.

It is not the first time that members of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Women’s Committee have chosen Peterson’s work as Book of the Year. Extra Cheese Please was among the original set of books chosen for the Ag in the Classroom library in 1994. Since then, Harvest Year was selected in 1998, Century Farm in 2000, Amazing Grazing in 2003, and Fantastic Farm Machines was last year’s pick.

Clarabelle notes that cows produce milk, which is great for drinking and is made into cheese, butter, ice cream and yogurt. Their manure is made into electricity, fertilizer and bedding for animal stalls. Vibrant, close-up photographs by David R. Lundquist capture Clarabelle with her herd mates and her newborn calf as well as the family members of Norswiss Farm who live and work together.

Copies of Clarabelle are available from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Foundation for $15 per copy plus shipping. Order forms are available at Activity guides developed for the book accompany orders. For more information, contact Darlene Arneson at 608.828.5719.

Source: Wisconsin Farm Bureau