The net investment income tax

How can the NIIT affect small businesses and farms that meet the income threshold? FULL STORY »

Penn State Extension dairy team hosts meetings

The Penn State Extension Dairy team is hosting two twilight meetings in May. Dairy twilight meetings are great opportunities to visit with neighbors, tour a farm, learn new information and enjoy some ice cream! FULL STORY »

Farm Bureau applauds revamp of farm machinery laws

Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law that clarifies definitions of farm machinery, and makes it legal to operate such equipment on public roads. FULL STORY »

The ladies like it cool... starting today (part 1)

For the most part, humans function best in warmer weather since our ideal thermoneutral zone is between 65 to 85 degrees. For dairy cattle, it is a different story since they are cold-weather animals. FULL STORY »

Optimism: A farmer’s stock-in-trade

When we think of farmers we don’t necessarily think of romantics, but don’t let their typical reserve in showing emotions fool you. FULL STORY »

Nutrition: Only part of the equation

Dairy ration formulation and evaluation models that predict performance based on animal, environmental, and nutritional inputs are commonly used in the dairy industry. FULL STORY »

New agriculture census data coming May 2

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will release the final results of the 2012 Census of Agriculture on May 2, at noon ET via a live webcast event. FULL STORY »

New CAST paper looks at GE food labeling debate

Many states are considering legislation to mandate such labels. CAST Issue Paper 54 examines arguments for and against labels, the costs involved with labeling, and experiences in countries that use mandatory labeling. FULL STORY »

Calif. governor issues order to redouble state drought actions

With California’s driest months ahead, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. has issued an executive order to strengthen the state’s ability to manage water and habitat effectively in drought conditions and called on all Californians to redouble their efforts to conserve water. FULL STORY »

Dairy worker killed in skid loader accident

An accident at Turner County Dairy near Parker, S.D., left one worker dead. FULL STORY »

D.C. Watch: Water, trade and biofuels are top issues

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers have posted the proposed rule defining the Waters of the United States under the Clean Water Act to the federal register. FULL STORY »

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