Strategies to stamp out stable flies

Filth flies are a pain, especially stable flies that will travel several miles just to bite livestock, pets and people. They often attack the ankles and lower legs, inflicting sharp, stabbing bites. FULL STORY »

Alfalfa weevil survived winter, larvae threaten first-cutting hay Play video

“Alfalfa fields face a double hit by weevils this spring. There are more adult weevils than I’ve ever seen,” says Wayne Bailey. FULL STORY »

Cattle bedding and food safety

When most people think of farm animals, a picture of Old MacDonald’s Farm likely comes to mind with fluffy, bright yellow piles of straw in and around a barn. FULL STORY »

Magnifying youth agricultural education

The ageless saying that children absorb information like sponges is certainly true of young people learning about agriculture. The vast majority of youth has little knowledge about agriculture, but learns new information so quickly. FULL STORY »

Fieldprint Calculator uses USDA tool to help track water quality

A nonprofit for sustainable agriculture recently launched a new metric in its calculator that relies on a popular tool from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. FULL STORY »

The net investment income tax

How can the NIIT affect small businesses and farms that meet the income threshold? FULL STORY »

Penn State Extension dairy team hosts meetings

The Penn State Extension Dairy team is hosting two twilight meetings in May. Dairy twilight meetings are great opportunities to visit with neighbors, tour a farm, learn new information and enjoy some ice cream! FULL STORY »

Farm Bureau applauds revamp of farm machinery laws

Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law that clarifies definitions of farm machinery, and makes it legal to operate such equipment on public roads. FULL STORY »

The ladies like it cool... starting today (part 1)

For the most part, humans function best in warmer weather since our ideal thermoneutral zone is between 65 to 85 degrees. For dairy cattle, it is a different story since they are cold-weather animals. FULL STORY »

Optimism: A farmer’s stock-in-trade

When we think of farmers we don’t necessarily think of romantics, but don’t let their typical reserve in showing emotions fool you. FULL STORY »

Nutrition: Only part of the equation

Dairy ration formulation and evaluation models that predict performance based on animal, environmental, and nutritional inputs are commonly used in the dairy industry. FULL STORY »

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