"High Coliform Count in Colostrum? What to do next” is the subject of the January 2013 Calving Ease newsletter. In the newsletter, Dr. Sam Leadley, calf management expert with Attica Veterinary Associates, discusses the following key points:

  • High coliform bacteria counts in colostrum should not be normal.
  • It is possible to feed colostrum with low coliform bacteria counts.
  • Efforts to reduce coliform bacteria counts in colostrum must be a team effort – everyone has to buy into the goal of clean colostrum.
  • It is most cost effective to focus on key critical control points (Clean teats on fresh cows, clean collection equipment, feeding quickly or rapidly cooling stored colostrum, clean feeding equipment.)
  • Monitor, monitor, monitor with sampling and lab cultures.

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Source: January 2013 Calving Ease