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The beef checkoff-funded 2011 National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) added a new element of evaluation to the study - a producer benchmark survey to determine the level of adoption of BQA management principles. 

Some of the interesting findings relate to all sectors of beef and dairy production and producers' use of animal health products and working relationships with veterinarians. Here are some audit highlights:

  • Only 31 percent of respondents have written protocols for animal health treatment. Dairy Calf and Heifer Association's (DCHA) Gold Standards III share information on the importance of record keeping as a tool for animal care.
  • 90% of respondents say they have a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR), with the dairy sectors reporting one of the highest response rates (92.3%).
  • 74% say they never use an animal health product other than as directed on the product label without a veterinarian's direction. Among dairy producers, 55 percent have never used a medication off-label.

Dairy Beef Quality Assurance (DBQA) is about doing things right, and the program has built on the audit findings to help beef and dairy producers provide safe, wholesome, quality beef. 

To learn more about results of the 2011 audit, check out the following YouTube videos:

  • 2011 National Beef Quality Audit Video, Pillars of Trust.
  • 2011 NBQA presentations featuring Dr. Tom Field, University of Nebraska, Dr. Keith Belk, Colorado State University, Dr. Jeff Savell, Texas A&M University and Jason Ahola, Colorado State University.

For more BQA videos, visit the National BQA YouTube channel.


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