The Dairy Calf & Heifer Association (DCHA) is traveling to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country for its 2013 Annual Conference in Lancaster, April 4-5.

Heifer growers and producers, along with experienced industry representatives, speakers and veterinarians from across the country will be gathering to discuss the latest trends and topics relevant to the industry. The conference will offer the latest in production information for growers and producers looking to increase their bottom line while ensuring safe and humane handling for their animals.

Session topics include:

  • Today's Business World: Volatility, Uncertainty, Opportunity! with Gary Sipiorski
  • Developing and Enhancing the Neonatal Immune System with Dr. Victor Cortese
  • Mycoplasma Bovis Respiratory Disease with Dr. Don Sockett
  • Practical Applications for Following the Gold Standards with Dr. Sheila McGuirk
  • Proteins in Milk Replacers with Dr. R.M. Thornsberry
  • Challenges in Effective Calf Raising with Dr. Sam Barringer
  • Energy Needs of Bred Heifers with Dr. Chris Canale
  • Developing a Vaccination Program for Heifers with New Technology with Dr. Victor Cortese
  • Importance of Colostrum Beyond Passive Transfer with Dr. Fernando Soberon
  • Why Do I Still Have Coccidiosis? with Dr. Sheila McGuirk
  • Feeding Fat for Hot and Cold Weather Stress with Dr. R.M. Thornsberry
  • FDA Regulations Regarding Antibiotic Residue in Meat and Milk with Dr. Greg Edwards
  • Advantages of 3x Milk Replacer Feeding with Dr. Don Sockett and Dr. Tom Earleywine

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For registration questions, contact Susan Frank at or at 859-514-9150.