The Dairy Calf & Heifer Association will present the 2012 Dairy Calf & Heifer Conference, March 20-21, in Visalia, Calif., located in the largest milk-producing county in the state.

The conference will feature three highly instructive wet labs, more than 20 breakout sessions, a California farm tour and the trade show, where many of the industry's premier companies showcase dairy's hottest new products and discuss emerging trends. The conference will also feature sessions in Spanish on Tuesday.

Click here to find detailed program information about this year's speakers and topic descriptions as well as conference registration and hotel info. Below are just a few of the topics that will be presented at this year's conference.  

  • Legal Guest Workers for the Dairy Calf and Heifer Industry: Related Issues and Challenges  
  • When It Comes to Animal Rights Activism, All Farms Are Created Equal 
  • A Look at Circle Bar Heifer Ranch
  • Today's Business World: Volatility, Uncertainty, Opportunity!
  • Synchronization Programs for Dairy Heifers
  • Successful Weaning Begins Early
  • Finding and Developing Diamonds in the Rough
  • Leading Fellow Workers
  • Feeding By-products to Heifers: Are They Really Cheaper?
  • Managing Lameness in Dairy Heifers 
  • Stockmanship and Low-stress Cattle Handling Techniques 
  • Feed Center Design 
  • An Economic Comparison of Conventional vs. Intensive Rearing Approaches for Dairy Replacement Heifers 
  • Euthanasia Techniques for Calves and Heifers  
  • DCHA's Gold Standards III - Panel Discussion    

 Wet Lab topics include:

  • Proper Injection Site Procedures
  • Calf Anatomy
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Diseases 

Online registration is now open; please visit the DCHA website today at and register for this exciting event and confirm your hotel reservations. If you have questions regarding the conference program e-mail us at or call 877-HEIFERS today!