Losses due to poor reproductive management can be very costly to dairy producers due to extended days open, increased culling due to reproductive failure, and decreased milk yield.

It is common to observe large within-herd variation in A.I. technician conception risk (CR), says Gustavo Schuenemann, extension dairy veterinarian with The Ohio State University.

In the November 2012 issue of the Buckeye Dairy News, Schuenemann explains the results of a simulation that was done to determine the effect of A.I. technician procedures on reproductive performance.

Schuenemann explains that compliance with A.I. procedures (semen handling, accuracy of estrus detection, hygiene, and site of semen deposition) affects the bottom line of dairy herds and should not be compromised for convenience.

“Investing in educational training for professional A.I. technicians should be a top priority,” Schuenemann says.

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Source: Buckeye Dairy News, November 2012