Farmers have been making silage piles for years, but some methods have allowed huge storage losses. Typically, a pile is constructed by unloading silage into an elevator and piling up the silage, much as a quarry piles sand or gravel. This piling method misses the most important step - PACKING. Silage exposed to oxygen deteriorates rapidly. Packing forces air and oxygen from the silage. Excluding oxygen is essential to produce good fermentation and well preserved silage. Without proper packing, spoilage can exceed 30 percent of the ensiled dry matter.

This level of spoilage is unacceptable and unnecessary. 

Click here for a step-by-step technique that produces an inexpensive and efficient short-term storage option that can limit dry matter losses to 15 to 25 percent.

Source: John M. Roach and David W Kammel, University of Wisconsin-Extension