Pfizer Animal Health's Escherichia coli (E. coli) mastitis vaccine now has a new name: ENVIRACOR J-5.

The vaccine was previously known as ESCHERICHIA COLI BACTERIN – J5 STRAIN and UPJOHN J-5 BACTERIN.

The vaccine is designed to help producers control coliform mastitis, as part of a comprehensive dry cow management approach. It includes the original E. coli J-5 strain that that is designed to help boost immunity and protect against clinical signs associated with E. coli mastitis.

In conjunction with the name change, Pfizer Animal Health also conducted a new study in which pregnant cows were vaccinated with ENVIRACOR J-5 according to label directions and compared with negative controls following an E. coli challenge.

The study found:

  • ENVIRACOR J-5 vaccinates experienced a 41% (2 ½ days) shorter duration of E. coli mastitis, translating to more salable milk, when compared with control cows.
  • Vaccinates experienced a 50% reduction in E. coli environmental shedding, helping control the spread of this environmental pathogen.
  • Work with your herd veterinarian to establish best practices for proper nutrition, hygiene, cow comfort, record-keeping and culturing to enhance management efforts.

For more information about ENVIRACOR J-5 and a complete dry cow program, talk with your veterinarian or Pfizer Animal Health representative. Also, visit to learn from producers who do the best for their cows with complete dry cow care that includes ENVIRACOR J-5.