Editor’s Note: The following text is an excerpt from the January 2012 Focus on Forage fact sheet, “Getting a Good Forage Stand,” written by Dan Undersander, Extension Forage Agronomist with the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

“Some farmers always get a good forage stand and some always fear seeding grasses or legumes because of difficulty getting good stands. A good stand is crucial to profitability. If the stand is thin, it will never yield well and will be weedy. Additionally, if the stand is so poor that reseeding is necessary, the grower will have lost most or all of a growing season for forage production on that field.

Get a good forage standMore than 90% of forage stand failures are due to one of three reasons: 1) low soil pH, 2) loose soil, or 3) seeding too deep. Each cause of stand failure is preventable by the farmer.”

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Source: University of Wisconsin – Extension Team Forage