The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin announces its World-Class Webinar series. All sessions will take place on a Monday, from noon to 1:00 p.m. (CDT). Participate in all three or select any one or two. If you have a date/time conflict, you can watch a fully recorded version at your leisure. (You must be registered to receive a recorded session.) Here's the line-up:

Monday, August 27 (register by August 21)
New Revelations about Managing the Beast: Clinical Mastitis
Informative and renown Dr. Pam Ruegg, DVM, MPVM, will unveil the results of a mastitis study that was recently conducted on 51 dairy herds.  Discover the results of milk samples, types of mastitis treatments, outcomes of treatments and factors that affect outcomes.


Monday, September 17  (register by September 11)
Treating Mastitis—The Facts on Antibiotic Resistance and Residue Avoidance
The devil is in the details.

How we treat clinical mastitis is an increasingly common question as the dairy industry is faced with consumer concerns regarding antibiotic residue and the development of antibiotic resistance. There is light to shed on this ever-pressing issue, and it will be exposed in this webinar while providing the data from a recent study that researched these very concerns. Expert Dr. Pam Ruegg will outline the proportions of resistance to commonly used antibiotics and the principles that should be used to select an appropriate antibiotic. 

Monday, October 22  (register by October 16)
To Treat or Not to Treat?
E. coli. Is it business as usual when we look at managing the common bug? While some types of mastitis MUST be treated with antibiotics, mild and moderate cases of E. coli have been left on the antibiotic treatment list because the rate of spontaneous cure is very high. But wait! Contrary to previous research, a highly publicized recent study has suggested that mastitis caused by E. coli responds better when treated by antibiotics. Dairy producers and veterinarians are now left with much confusion.

This eye-opening webinar will review the results of the popular study and compare it to previous research. Dr. Pam Ruegg will lay out practical recommendations for when to use antibiotics in treating mastitis caused by E coli and other gram-negative bacteria. Find out if you need to rethink treatment on your dairy—the “what,” the “why” and the “how”! This webinar will equip you with profit-making information and a new defense against mastitis!

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