This fall, be ready to increase the percentage of heats seen in your herd. Most herds can see 20 to 40 percent more heats by just watching animals regularly, say William Graves and Debra Sires with the University of Georgia.

In the July/August/September 2012 issue of the Georgia DairyFax, Graves and Sires explain that standing to be mounted is the most reliable sign that a cow is in heat.

“Each stand lasts only 4 to 6 seconds. Cows average about 1½ mounts per hour and are in heat 15 hours,” write Graves and Sires.

They go on to explain why you must observe cows for heat several times throughout the day. They also point out that the decision to breed a cow should be based on standing to be mounted by another cow, not on secondary signs of heat.


Source:  July/August/September 2012 Georgia DairyFax