Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.
Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.

The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) will be offering a Hispanic dairy supervisor workshop in September. The workshop will be taught exclusively in Spanish by premier trainer Dr. Noa Roman-Muniz.

The same program will be held in two locations:

  • September 19, Chilton, Wis.
  • September 20, Arlington, Wis.

During this program, your Hispanic supervisor will learn:
• How to conduct a productive, successful meeting, including guidelines for constructive participation.
• The hiring process - Factors to consider when interviewing prospective employees.
• How to delegate effectively - Management styles and their effect on the work environment.
• The keys to increasing accountability - Define work tasks, responsibilities and assessing performance.
• Conflict resolution skills - from everyday situation to meetings.
• Skills to keep the team working as a team.

Click here for a detailed flyer.

Source: PDPW