The August 2012 issue of Calving Ease is now available. The title of this month's issue is "How much milk will calves drink?"

In the issue, Calving Ease author Sam Leadley of Attica Veterinary Associates, Attica, N.Y., makes the following key points:

  • When milk intake is not restricted, expect calves to drink large amounts of milk.
  • Expect large variations in milk consumption among calves.
  • Expect significant changes in levels of milk intake from week-to-week.
  • In environments with significant pathogen exposure, appetites tend to be depressed during infections.
  • Expressed as a percentage of live weight, milk consumption tends to go down as dairy heifer calves fed free-choice milk, water and calf starter grain move past three to four weeks of age.

Read the August 2012 issue of Calving Ease.