Properly functioning milking equipment is essential to meeting your milk quality goals. Many dairies know it may be time for an equipment upgrade, but they try to keep their equipment going as long as possible, at the detriment of teat health and milking efficiency, says Rick Watters, milk quality and udder health specialist with GEA Farm Technologies.

Ask your local dealer for an equipment inspection. It may just be time to clean pulsators, change vacuum filters and check detacher settings - ensuring all milking equipment is operating properly for your herd’s specifications. Or, it may be time for an equipment upgrade.

To prevent any future risk of machine-induced mastitis infections, regular, scheduled maintenance on your milking system is highly recommended by professionals throughout the industry.

Milking equipment is used more hours per day than any other equipment on the dairy operation, and it is used to harvest the primary product marketed from a dairy. It is critical that it is continually maintained to optimize your herd’s milking efficiency and milk quality performance.

Source: GEA Farm Technologies