Are conception rates on your farm where you would like them to be or is there room for improvement?

There are a number of factors that can affect conception rate in dairy cattle. Each can have a considerable impact on conception rate, and all of them can be prevented and/or controlled, says Cynthia Martel with Virginia Cooperative Extension.

In the September 2012 issue of the Virginia Tech Dairy Pipeline, Martel examines the role that hygiene can play in reducing conception rates.

"It’s tempting to think reduced conception would only be a result of calving conditions, post-calving health, reproductive disorders, milk production, nutrition, estrous detection errors, and timing of service," she says. "However semen quality and handling, insemination technique, and the environment in which you work can also play a role in reduced pregnancy rate."

Martel has put together a breeding hygiene assessment for you and your employees to examine breeding techniques and hygiene before, during, and after performing artificial insemination.

Source: September 2012 Virginia Tech Dairy Pipeline