It is relatively easy to measure the effects of heat stress on milk production and reproduction in lactating cows, but have you ever wondered what cooling can do for your dry cows?

In the May 2012 California Dairy Newsletter, Jed Asmus, nutritionist with Etchebarne Inc., and Jennifer Heguy with the University of California Cooperative Extension, explain findings of a recent scientific study that illustrates the value of cooling dry cows.

The study found that non-cooled dry cows produced 15 percent less milk, or 11 pounds less milk each day after calving up to 40 weeks in milk.

At $16 per hundredweight, a 500-plus cow dairy stands to lose upward of $285,000 in lost milk during the first 280 days of lactation when dry cows are not cooled.


Source: May 2012 California Dairy Newsletter