The difference between success and failure is often a matter of inches and seconds, says John Tyson, regional agricultural engineer with Penn State Extension. In the latest Penn State Dairy Digest, Tyson uses a Super Bowl analogy to discuss how profitability of your dairy is no different.

“In these times of tight margins the attention to details — the inches and seconds — is as important if not more important than ever,” he says.

Tyson explains how attention to detail is needed throughout the dairy. Take a look at your feeding system, for example.

“What’s the difference between the amount of feed you buy and the amount of feed your cows eat? In other words what is your “shrink”? While shrink can and does come from a host of sources, one you can control is how much is being overfed,” he says. “When the ration calls for 500 pounds of soybean meal and you put in 550 pounds because that is what was in the skid steer bucket, that is 10% overfeeding or shrink. Do that two times a day for two weeks and 1,400 pounds of feed is gone.”

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Source: February 2012 Penn State Dairy Digest