Forages are an important part of dairy diets.

In episode #159 of the Purdue “Dairy Digest” podcast series, Purdue agronomist Keith Johnson talks about preparing for the upcoming forage season.

"Evaluating the wellbeing of the forage crop is critical to a successful dairy," Johnson says. He shares these recommendations:

  • Scout hay acreage weekly.
  • Avoid grazing forage plants to a height of less than 4 inches.
  • As you scout fields, monitor weeds, insects and disease concerns.
  • If herbicides are used to control weeds, be aware of harvest restrictions and crop production intervals.
  • Monitor insect populations to determine if their numbers warrant control measures.
  • Fungicide use is typically not a best-management practice for forages. Select varieties with resistance to disease instead.

Learn more in episode #159 “Forage Stands” here.

Source: Purdue Dairy Digest