Purina Animal Nutrition introduces HEIFERSMART®® Complete Feed and HEIFERSMART®® Base Mix feeds. With these new additions to the HEIFERSMART®® Dairy Program, growth benefits achieved in superior calf-feeding programs can be extended through breeding to pre-fresh. These products have been developed to address the often overlooked nutritional needs of developing dairy heifers, when they are transitioned to forage and pasture-based diets.

“A balanced ration helps avoid overfeeding and underfeeding heifers, and proper nutrition may potentially help reduce breeding challenges, calving difficulties and early lactation metabolic problems,” says Bart Wolkerstorfer, young animal marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition.

Available pelleted or texturized in 18% or 22% protein levels, HEIFERSMART® Complete Feeds are formulated to be fed with high-quality forage as a single-feed formula. HEIFERSMART® Base Mix feeds are available in 38% or 45% protein levels and are designed to be conveniently added to mixed feed (both forage and on-farm grains or commodities). Both new products have been developed to provide essential protein, energy, key vitamins and readily available minerals needed for optimal heifer growth and development.

Products within the HEIFERSMART® Dairy Program portfolio contain the latest formulation of mineral supplementation with the inclusion of organic trace minerals found in Availa®4 to help support the needs of developing dairy heifers.

The HEIFERSMART® Dairy Program is an extension of the Purina Animal Nutrition Full Potential feeding program. “The addition of these new products now allows producers to conveniently support optimal growth and performance to developing heifers as they begin to reach breeding age and maintain this performance through transition into the lactating herd,” says Wolkerstorfer. HEIFERSMART® Complete Feeds and HEIFERSMART® Base Mix feeds will be available starting October 14, 2013.

For more information contact your Purina Animal Nutrition representative or go to: www.HEIFERSMART®.com.