A large-scale calf disease outbreak is a frustrating and costly challenge that every calf-raiser hopes to avoid.  But if it happens, calf management expert Jim Quigley with Provimi North America offers suggestions for tracking down the source and correcting the situation.

In one of his recent issues of his regular publication, “Calf Notes,” Quigley points out two basic fundamentals of disease in young calves: (1) Disease is caused by calves’ direct exposure to a pathogen, usually due to human action; and (2) the calf’s immune system must be strong enough to fight off the potential pathogens in the environment. 

Quigley provides five detailed recommendations to resolve disease outbreaks, specifically addressing:

  1. Colostrum
  2. Pathogen exposure
  3. Calf housing
  4. Maternity area; and
  5. Personal commitment

To read the full text of Calf Note #174 – Putting out Fires, follow this link.