University of Wisconsin-Extension experts hit the road next month as part of the 2013 Repro Money Road Show Series, "Reproducing Profitability."

The workshop will share proven methods and decision-making tools to help you better manage your reproductive program.

The workshops will be held at 18 locations across the state. All meetings run from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and include the same content.


Topics and speakers include:

“The economic value of a dairy cow, the value of a pregnancy, the cost of a pregnancy loss and their relationship with reproduction performance,” by Victor Cabrera.

“Update on reproduction research at UW-Madison,” by Paul Fricke.

“Subclinical mastitis-the silent disease that can reduce reproductive performance,” by Pamela Ruegg.

“Dairy heifer management in the age of genomics,” by Pat Hoffman.

“Eliminating road blocks to getting your heifers pregnant: The impact of early calf health and rearing on fertility and time to first calving,” by Amy Stanton.

“What’s new with nutrition and reproduction in dairy cows?” by Randy Shaver.

“How the Repro Money Program can increase your net income by enhancing your herd's reproductive efficiency," by Connie Cordoba.

For more information, visit the Repro Money website or see the Repro Money Roadshow 2013 flyer.

Source: Repro Money