Researchers at South Dakota State University are working on understanding how dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) is digested in order to improve its utilization in dairy cattle diets.

In one experiment, they examined the effect of feeding DDGS (18 percent DDGS) under different forage concentrations (17 percent forage neutral detergent fiber vs. 24 percent forage NDF) and compared it to diets with corn starch (0 percent DDGS).

The experiment, led by Ph.D student Sanjeewa Ranathunga and Kenneth Kalscheur, associate professor of Dairy Science, demonstrated that lactating dairy cows fed DDGS performed similarly to cows fed diets containing corn starch.

These results strengthen their previous findings that DDGS can be used as an energy source to replace corn starch.


Source: South Dakota State University iGrow