Sanitation is a fly-control method that works well for calf raisers and has the biggest economic return, says Ann Hoskins, Vita Plus calf products coordinator.

In the April 2013 Vita Plus Starting Strong Calf Care E-newsletter, Hoskins stresses the need to be proactive about cleanliness and sanitation. She also discusses the different species of flies that pester dairy animals, as well as products that are useful for fly control around calves.

Keep these points in mind as you start your fly-control program:

  • Keep feeding areas and equipment clean.
  • Keep starter and water fresh.
  • Minimize the spilling of starter, water and milk around feeding areas.
  • Keep bedding clean and dry.
  • Cut down weeds near calves and heifers.
  • Remove excess bedding and manure immediately after the calf has left the hutch or pen.
  • Do not store manure near the calf area.
  • Manage fly control in every animal area on the farm.

For more information, read “Fly Control Starts Now

Source: Vita Plus Starting Strong Calf Care E-news - April 2013