Avoiding violative drug residues takes a well-developed and consistently implemented on-farm plan. Based on your current plan, what is your farm’s risk level of a residue violation?  Zoetis has developed a tool to help you find out.

The online “Residue Risk Assessment” from Zoetis is an interactive tool that evaluates a wide variety of factors that could help to prevent violative drug residues. Among the questions it asks are:

  • Does a veterinarian regularly visit your herd and consult with you about management and health issues?
  • Are treatment records reviewed prior to cattle returning to a milking string or leaving the herd for dairy beef?
  • Are training programs in place for new employees and all personnel responsible for administering treatment?
  • Are approved dosages and routes of administration checked and followed when treatments are given?

The Residue Risk Assessment was developed based on findings from actual FDA residue violation investigations. Its results are completely confidential and will not be shared in any way. Zoetis emphasizes that the tool is for educational purposes only. The results should be discussed with your herd veterinarian.

Click here to take the Residue Risk Assessment.