“Bedding Dairy Cows on Sand” is the latest episode in the Purdue “Dairy Digest” podcast series.

During the podcast, Purdue Extension dairy specialist Dr. Mike Schutz talks about why sand is considered the "gold standard" of bedding materials for dairy cows.

“The reason why sand makes such an exceptional lying surface for dairy cows is because of the cushioning that it provides,” Schutz says. "Cows in stalls with at least 6 to 8 inches of sand bedding are typically observed to be very comfortable so long as stall dimensions are appropriate."

Stalls should be filled such that the surface is even, gradually sloped from the front of the stall to the back and level with the top of the curb at the back of the stall, Schutz says.

He discusses more virtues of sand bedding in episode #162, “Bedding Dairy Cows on Sand.” Listen here.

Source: Purdue Dairy Digest