Zoetis Inc., formerly the animal health business unit of Pfizer Inc., and The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh in the U.K. have announced a collaborative project for research on Salmonella in cattle.          

The Roslin Institute has received funding from the U.K.'s Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council to support collaborative research with Zoetis that will bring industry knowledge and input into its academic research program. For three years, the council will contribute 80 percent of funding for the study - close to $1 million - and Zoetis will provide the remaining 20 percent of funding and in-kind services via research materials and expertise.

Researchers involved in the project will jointly investigate how Salmonella enters and persists within the bovine lymphatic system and can lead to contamination of beef for human consumption. The Roslin Institute research team will work with Zoetis to help develop and implement solutions to reduce the prevalence of Salmonella in meat.