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Get a better response to vaccination  
An adequate amount of good-quality colostrum provides antibodies that protect the calf against infectious disease during its first few months of life.

Quantum leaps in calf immunology
You might as well throw away your veterinary school immunology book, someone told me recently. The new discoveries in the field of immunology are astounding.

Immunity not enhanced by big gains   
Researchers continue to learn more about pre-weaning growth rate and its effect on immune function of calves.

Selenium and vitamin E benefit calves
Calf growth and health benefit from organic selenium and vitamin E, according to a study from South Dakota State University.

Feed calves’ immune systems
A 92-pound calf — born with about 3.5 to 4.1 pounds of body fat — uses about 0.6 to 1.8 pounds of that fat while learning to live outside the womb during the first day or two of life.

Oligosaccharides boost immunity
Mannan oligosaccharide (mos) — a carbohydrate that binds bacteria — improved immune function in close-up dry cows and enhanced the transfer of rotavirus antibodies to their calves.