Steve Hayes, veterinarian with Day 1 Technology in Winona, Minn., shares three simple ways to make your calf operation better.  

Get Creative

Ask employees if there is one thing they would do different in the operation. Be sure to listen closely to what they are saying. Ask your spouse the same question, says Hayes.

Visit another calf operation

   Find another calf operator that is doing something different and is successful. Take a road trip to visit the operation and learn from them. Visit a computer feeder in action; find a veal operation or a large dairy-beef operation to tour. It is time to get out of your comfort zone and see what others are doing and learn something new.

Go to at least one calf meeting each year

Listen to others, go to meetings and make sure everyone on the operation knows how important learning is. Maybe this is as simple as having the local veterinarian explain a post mortem or demonstrate how to vaccinate properly right on the operation, says Hayes. Pursue learning and expect everyone you have on the operation to do the same.