Prices for springing heifers at most recent auctions were near steady with last month. High-end springing heifers topped out in a range of $1,560 to $1,700 at the different locations. Demand for replacements has held strong, although declining milk prices could begin to weigh on heifer prices soon. Dairy calf prices remain firm. High-end calf prices topped out at $245 in Stratford, Wis. and at $340 at Sulphur Springs, Texas, reports Greg Scheer, dairy analyst with Doane Advisory Services in St. Louis, Mo.

Springing heifers
Heifer calves
 Location (sale date)
Supreme/top grade
Approved/medium grade
90-120 pounds
Turlock, Calif. (2/24/12)
Stratford, Wis. (3/6/12)
Sulphur Springs, Texas (3/1/12)
New Holland, Pa. (2/29/12)