Calf blankets play an important role in calf comfort and warmth on any calf-raising operation, especially as the colder temperatures set in. But you can’t just put the blanket on the calf and forget about it. A little time spent checking could make a huge difference in the comfort of the calf. Land O’Lakes Purina Feed calf and heifer specialists offer the following tips to ensure producers are getting the most out of their calf blankets.

  • Calves under three weeks of age are the primary target for calf blankets.
  • Make sure calf blankets are put on correctly. If not put on correctly they can come off and could end up dangling around the calf’s neck. Common mistakes include putting the blanket on inside out, putting the front leg through the neck hole, or two rear legs in the same leg strap. 
  • The most important concern to be watching for is the tightness of the jacket. Keep an eye out if the straps need to be adjusted or the blanket taken off because the calf outgrew the jacket.
  • Calf blankets should be washed between each use and only put on a new calf when they are completely dry.
  • When choosing a calf blanket, make sure to pick one with the correct thickness for adequate insulation, as well as one that will be easy to put on and take off. 

Source: Land O’Lakes Purina Feed