The Spanish translation of the entire Visual Guide to Bovine Reproduction from the Drost Project  is available and ready for use.

This translation to Spanish of the first Visual Guide is due primarily to the very generous contribution of a great deal of time and expertise by Claudia Jimenez Escobar, DVM, DVSc and Jorge Zambrano-Varón, DVM, PhD.

The Drost Project Visual Guidesbegan as a collection of images compiled by Maarten Drost over a period of 30+ years as a theriogenologist on the faculties of the University of California Davis and the University of Florida, as well as Utrecht University in The Netherlands and Colorado State University during sabbatical leaves.

The purpose of the Drost Project is to share these visual images with students and colleagues and other professionals around the globe. Initially the guide focused on bovine reproduction. Subsequently, the guides for bubaline (water buffalo) reproduction, equine (horse) reproduction, ovine (sheep) reproduction, porcine (pig) reproduction, and caprine (goat) reproduction have been added.