Despite drought-induced feed shortages and spiking grain costs, the price for top-end Holstein springing heifers remains firm nationwide. In fact, the value of highest-quality springers actually increased in the most recent sales of three of the four monitored locations. The only top-end drop was in Sulphur Springs, Texas, where the highest-value springers dropped significantly, from $1,575 in late June to $1,400 in late July. Heifer calf prices, meanwhile, are down nationwide, with the most appreciable drop in New Holland, Pa., where calves fell from $170-200 last month to $100-140 in the most recent market report.

Springing heifers
Heifer calves
 Location (sale date)
Supreme/top grade
Approved/medium grade
90-120 pounds
Turlock, Calif. (6/29/12)
Stratford, Wis. (7/3/12)
Sulphur Springs, Texas (6/28/12)
New Holland, Pa. (6/27/12)